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To overcome her turmoil she married a man in black with a Meinkampf look, this suggests that her dependence on a father has been transferred to the surrogate father. As a leading instigator of death in the concentration camp gas chambers, the SS Lieutenant-Colonel became notorious as the 'desk-murderer'.

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This conflict is examined in lines of "Daddy" in which Plath compares the damage her father caused to that of her husband And the language obscene Trying to talk to her father was dangerous and painful, like sticking your tongue in a trap. The speaker, Plath creates a figurative image of her father using varied metaphors to describe her relationship with him.

It can be noted that reading tittle, the tone the poem might express would be of the love of a child towards their father but it is totally the second side of a coin.

And her aim was true, for if anything Plath wrote damaged Ted Hughes for posterity, "Daddy" is it After all, this is the same persona who in an earlier poem spends her hours attempting to reconstruct the broken pieces of her 'colossus' father.

In the poem, this suicide attempt is a catalyst for action. He can lie back in readiness. You died before I had time—— Marble-heavy, a bag full of God, Ghastly statue with one gray toe Big as a Frisco seal And a head in the freakish Atlantic Where it pours bean green over blue In the waters off beautiful Nauset.

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Plath wrote "Daddy" the following year. She was an extremely vital poet of the post-World War II time period and expressed her feelings towards her father and husband through her poetry. In this article you'll find the whole poem line-by-line and stanza-by-stanza analyses of the poem a video in which Sylvia Plath reads "Daddy" important discussion questions and other relevant information suitable for both the student and the interested reader. The agelessness of this poem can be guaranteed, as there will always be women who feel the same torture that is described. The two share the perspective of a young child desiring a close relationship with their fathers, due to their lack of involvement. The white snow and the clear beer contrast starkly to the dark deeds being inflicted by Nazis in the name of racial purity. The poem holds the theme of resentment and anguish, mixed with the desperation to understand, and share affection. The frequent use of the word black throughout the poem conveys a feeling of gloom and suffocation.

The juxtaposition of innocence and pain emphasizes both. It is a notorious poem, the one once compared to "Guernica" by George Steiner. The narrator isn't fooled.

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A Commentary Of "Daddy" By Sylvia Plath