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Thurstone[7] [8] and therefore also to the Thurstone scale.

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The instrument is then piloted on a sample that meets the criteria for the target population considering age, sex, health status, etc and the resulting data are compared against the Rasch model. In retrospect, these findings are obvious! For example, in educational tests, item parameters represent the difficulty of items while person parameters represent the ability or attainment level of people who are assessed. The leftmost ICCs in Figure 3 are the easiest items, the rightmost items in the same figure are the most difficult items. A psychometric investigation of the academic motivation scale using a United States sample. The consequence is that the raw score for an item or person is the sufficient statistic for the item or person parameter. Take the log of the odds of success to calculate person ability. Parameters are modified and accepted or rejected based on how well they fit the data. Such outcomes are directly analogous to the observation of the rotation of a balance scale in one direction or another. In applying the Rasch model, item locations are often scaled first, based on methods such as those described below.

The sample comprised Portuguese university students that were assessed with the AMS adapted for online data collection. Journal of Statistical Software, 20 9 The Academic Motivation Scale: A measure of intrinsic, extrinsic, and amotivation in education.

Motivation: A Literature Review.

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Intrinsically-motivated students find academic activities enjoyable, interesting and challenging, while extrinsically-motivated students are more driven by the consequences or outcomes of academic activities rather than by study itself.

Supporting Agencies. Model Extensions Rating Scale model e. Item precision will increase with increased instrument administration, while person estimates will improve with the addition of appropriate items to the instrument.

Invariant comparison and sufficiency[ edit ] The Rasch model for dichotomous data is often regarded as an item response theory IRT model with one item parameter. This part of the process of scaling is often referred to as item calibration.

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In most contexts, the parameters of the model characterize the proficiency of the respondents and the difficulty of the items as locations on a continuous latent variable. Model Fit The degree of discrepancy between observed item performance and expected item performance can be quantified using goodness-of-fit statistics.

The size of each object provides an inverse representation of its error smaller objects have less error.

Rasch analysis of a students' motivation questionnaire Csikszentmihalyi, revised by Choe, provides an answer.

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Rasch Modeling