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Our experienced writers have been analyzing poetry since they were college students, and they enjoy doing it. The speaker is imploring the reader to endure, even if that feels both physically sinew and emotionally heart and nerve impossible.

Here the poet talks about the capability of taking big risks to achieve much greater success and keeping quiet even if we lose the bet. The first stanza wastes no time in setting up the if-then scenario. He asks us to treat those deceivers similarly, with a smiling face.

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The first one deals with how to treat others, regardless of their station in life. Moreover, we should develop healthy relationship with everyone around us, and should not allow anyone to harm us. Indeed, there is a story about Newton that the papers containing his theories were destroyed in fire, and he wrote them again from the beginning.

We have to develop our personality the right way, so that everyone supports us and gives us importance count with youbut none too much.

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Additionally, he could possibly be suggesting that with these two words often comes a disruption or change. But after that, we should give some importance to their doubt too and try to find out what may be the reason for their suspicion. The poet conveys his ideas about how to win this life, and after all, how to be a good human being. In the second stanza, the poet talks about dreaming but not letting those dreams cloud your reason, mentions thinking and simultaneously taking action. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; We should build ourselves strong enough, mentally and physically, so that neither enemies nor loving friends can hurt us. We should show our love and respect to others. Buy Study Guide Summary The poem is a paean to British stoicism and masculine rectitude; almost every line in each stanza begins with "If". Jameson was arrested and tried, but he was already being hailed a hero by London, which was filled with anti-Boer sentiment. For him the true measure of a man is his humility and his stoicism. This structure is actually symbolic in suggesting that you can get the rewards only after you have fulfilled the preconditions. They were printed as cards to hang up in offices and bedrooms; illuminated text-wise and anthologized to weariness. We may also get too complacent or proud at a small success, reducing our chances to reach higher goals.

Moreover, there goes a number of proverbs. But, the poet warns us not to go that way. Throughout the poem, the speaker gives the reader multiple scenarios, both positive and negative, along with a glimpse into how one should conduct oneself.

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"If" by Rudyard Kipling: Poem Analysis