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Gradually Dilmah tea became a flagship brand in all the supermarkets today in Australia. Ease of doing business 6. Describing the process The market knowledge The market knowledge was gained through intensive study of the market behaviour. And also their trade secrets can be protected and unfair competition laws. House hold consumption 5. Fernando is the compassionate founder of Dilmah whose commitment to tea can be dated to the s. As a result they consume processed or fast food regularly and get prone to heart disease, cancer, obesity, cholesterol and other chronical diseases.

The mere quality of the obtained from single origin ulike the bulking of cost focussed suppliers has provided quality leadership to Dilmah in the Australian market. They cater to the changing needs of the customers through customer feedback.

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Nevertheless the risk factors are low the returns are less. The standard size catalogue with all the product category and range along with the new product Dilmah green tea tablets are distributed to every customers and distributed in residential areas.

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Wages have been inflated in part by a developing shortage of skilled labour in the industry, as the rural workforce increasingly shifts to employment in urban areas. Dilmah brand was stocked in other Coles stores 13 in Melbourne, Victoria and Woolworths. The brand of Dilmah exercise a very strong sense of corporate responsibility and their production is eco- friendly and they use water and energy wisely in their production process.

The media trends and the usage of the country is exploited to create brand awareness and brand knowledge among the prospective customers of Australia.

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The degree of standardization and adaptation were determined through Hofsede model and Upsala model based on the social, economical and cultural difference in the marketing mix of Srilanka and Australia.

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Growth prospects for Sri Lanka’s tea industry