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One will also immediately take note of her characteristic capitalizations and dashes, over which literary scholars are divided. This says something about humans and their interactions with nature.

This life and disorder unduly influenced the themes of her poetry. The bird takes flight and Vendler regards what follows - the description of the bird in flight - as "the astonishing part of the poem".

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The last stanza is more metaphorical than those which came before it. The present poem, like most others, illustrates the distinctive quality of Emily Dickinson, that is, even the most commonplace themes is invested with freshness and originality in the hands of Emily Dickinson.

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Shrestha, Roma. She is close by, making it so that she can look at the bird, but it does not immediately notice her.

The description of the bird taking flight lightly suggests the same potential ease of journey for the soul to heaven, in spite of imperfection, such as killing to eat, as the bird eats the angle worm.

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The curtness of the last two lines of the stanza suggests the swiftness of the bird's hitting and eating the worm.

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A Bird came down the Walk by Emily Dickinson: Summary and Analysis