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They could police Florida or turn it over to the U.

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There were mostly nomadic tribes and small groups roaming in North America and there were few large tribes that ruled anywhere near as much are as those in South America. The period of is often called the Age of Canals. Jackson followed the Seminoles into Spanish territory and claimed Florida for the U. Trade stimulated by the canal helped New York City become the nation's largest city. Republicans criticizing the Southern system of slavery would commonly cite the larger population growth of the Northern states, alongside their rapid growth in factories, farms, and schools as evidence of the superiority of a free labor system. Improve the country's transportation systems - Poor roads made transportation slow and costly. Share The Monroe Doctrine The nation felt threatened not only by sectionalism, but be events elsewhere in the Americas. In the north , the Canadian government had given the indigenous Inuit throughout the, Northwest Territories and Nunavut certain amount of self-governance, allowing them to maintain their cultural practices. It kept the balance of power in Senate between slave and free states. The nation was created on a number of compromises and agreements made between the founding fathers. In the West, settlers wanted cheap land and good transportation. In the Northeast, wealth was based on manufacturing and trade. Southerners were relying more on cotton and slavery.

Defenders of slavery referred to factory workers as the "white slaves of the North". The plan was to help the country prosper and grow by itself, without foreign products. How did regional economies and political events produce a widening split between free and slaveholding states in antebellum America?

Many nations oppose Russia's annexation of Crimea.

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Share Around the s, the nation began to use steam-powered trains for transportation. Share sectionalism At the same time nationalism was unifying the country, sectionalism was threatening to drive it apart. Share National Boundaries The nationalist spirit also made U.

What characterized the debates over American slavery and the power of the federal government for the first half of the 19th century? Importance of the Mayflower.

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