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Create your own memorable phrases -Here, a strong point of view is essential But it is okay to use expert opinion Avoid jargon. The weird juxtaposition of this straight-looking guy doing a wacky experiment," Gibson says. Then you should ask, what are you already doing that can help you achieve that goal?

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Mastery — The people who want to be the experts Calling — Motivated by a higher purpose Do you know what motivates your audience?

On discovering that Blendtec founder and CEO, Tom Dickson, was in the habit of using unlikely materials such as blocks of wood to test the robustness of his blenders, the marketing director devised a series of short videos that asked the question, 'Will It Blend?

When done right, inexpensive and simple content works.

You betcha. Nurture content also comes from among the large community of food bloggers, for whom taking pictures of their food — and the tools they use to prepare it — is second nature. Make sure to link in and link out to credible sites. This digital marketing of your content through social media and other tools drives business. The videos have been a powerful and fun awareness engine for the brand. Epstein suggests another book, Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath that talks about emotionally connecting with your audience. Despite making a high-quality product that was well respected in the commercial world, its brand awareness in the consumer market was low, and so too were its sales. Blendtec has partnered with culinary institutes, as well as spas and estheticians who use Blendtec blenders to produce their products. Create short, simple instructional videos for your audience One great way to promote your brand using social video is to create short, instructional videos that demonstrate how your product can be used to solve a problem for the viewer. Go for long-format! Then people will create content linking to your content—the magic of link-building! The brand didn't do their own research to discover the influencer's expertise was with a different audience," Stone says. My advice for any campaign is to look for what will resonate, and to put the audience first and the brand second — which is exactly what Blendtec did. Be humble and self-deprecating -Particularly valuable for execs as cultivating likeably is one of the most important things a leader can do Issue a call to action, if appropriate

Local shout outs -People never tire of speakers being excited about their town SinceDickson has starred in more than videos that have a combined million views on YouTube.

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'Will It Blend?' Company Embarks on New Influencer Marketing Program