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Also I know that if my dads want to know something about medicines they also use Internet and different web sites. Use of computers has reduced the paperwork.

essay on role of computer in todays life

First ever mechanical computer was developed in 19th century by Charles Babbage. It is really comfortable for all people. Now people can use the computer with the help of the keyboard and the mouse.

Uses of computer essay

Sometimes our teachers want us to do it ourselves but we used to do it with the help of computers and canR17;t imagine ourselves going to the libraries as our parent did. New York Times. Use in office activities: Almost all the private and govt. Many hi-breed crops are being invented using the computers in Bangladesh Agriculture University. Now note-book sized computers like laptop are fairly common. We are living in the advanced world of computer in the 21st century. Search " In the future, life will be even easier with the help of new computer-controlled appliances that will shut off automatically when there isn't anyone at home, or will turn themselves on at a specified time so that dinner will be ready upon arrival home from work, or when the security system is armed upon leaving home. One of them is the computer. Whatever the pull factor for the movie may be, it can't be denied that computers today play a key role in ensuring the success of the entertainment endeavor. The rise of cyber crime, the use of chat rooms for indecent discussion, certain websites, which deal in pornographic material have been noticed. Each new generation of computers has been smaller, lighter, speedier and more powerful than the earlier ones. You will soon be able to talk to a person on the telephone as well as look at the person you are talking to on a television set. Article shared by The computer is one of the most brilliant gifts of science. This saves time and energy. These are only a few examples.

Writing a program is essential for a computer. The computer gives us many benefits. There are many different languages that can be used to programme a computer.

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It cannot think independently. They can communicate with each other in a short time. It is possible to play a lot of computer games, which are interesting for the children and for the adult.

Importance of computer and internet in our life

It provides facility of many other tools like paint tool, text tool, etc which are very beneficial for the kids, children and students to use it more effectively. Many hi-breed crops are being invented using the computers in Bangladesh Agriculture University. Now all kinds of books, newspaper, journals etc, are being composed using a computer. It is playing big role in every field and helping us every single moment. It is not very good for your eyes if you spend a lot of time before the computer. Computer application is also beig extended to legal arena. Computers are the necessary part of modern life.
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The Uses Of Computer In Everyday Life Essay Composition