Constructive critique on public speaking essay

Vocal Variety Was the speaker easy to hear? Pausch did not waste any time keeping the audience engaged and keeping them marveling at the foundations of his strength despite his diagnosis.

Speech analysis format

Vocal Variety Was the speaker easy to hear? A startling statistic? Were they easy to see? These questions also apply when you conduct a self evaluation of your own speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. Was the message you— and we-focused, or was it I- and me-focused? Did the speaker transition smoothly from one part of the presentation to the next? The Speech Analysis Series. Were gestures natural, timely, and complementary? To this day people are still recounting the lessons learned from Dr. Select only the most relevant points. Business leaders? The Speech Body Was the presentation focused? These qualities are witness in his lecture nicknamed the Last Lecture. At the end of the speech were you able to simply define the purpose of the speech?

Construction: Was the speech well-structured with a clear introduction, body and conclusion? Did they add energy to the presentation or remove it? Pausch and his lectures as his amazing outlook on life and his appreciation for every aspect of his life.

What rhetorical devices were used? Before the Speech Were there other speakers before this one? He has appeared on many television shows like Good Morning America and the Oprah show.

When evaluating a speech keep in mind that the primary goal of the exercise is to empower the speaker, to acknowledge their strong points and give practical tips on how to improve.

informative speech critique essay

Humor Was it safe and appropriate given the audience? Body language at this moment will often indicate their level of confidence. Thus, reversal highlights the. Restrict your recommendations to areas where it is clear that with a slight adjustment the speaker can make a significant improvement.

Business leaders? These questions also apply when you conduct a self evaluation of your own speeches.

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Speech Analysis: How to Critique a Speech