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That's it! Remember: Black bears at times outnumber humans in the Cranberry Wilderness so hang your food outside your campsite at night! Elevations range from 2, to over 4, feet.

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When the path levels out, hunt for a tent site amid the red spruce and yellow birch. Click on any of the principles listed below to learn more about how they apply in the Cranberry Wilderness.

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Eventually it meets the North Branch Trail at mile Carl said "We are camping here tonight! From I, take exit and follow U. Posted by. Winter snow may block road access. If you do build a fire, follow these important guidelines; choose a site that has already been impacted, keep fires small, use only dead and down wood for fuel, and scatter ashes ft. Our original plans were for a 23 mile loop, following the northerly part of the trip on this map, then swinging north, not south, to pick up the Middle Fork Trail. Mechanical transportation, such as bicycles, wagons, wheelbarrows and carts are prohibited. I found a map there and realized that we had gone right past the point, now nearly 50 miles behind us. By , I had intense heartburn, despite having eaten not a thing since a Subway sandwich at lunch. To protect your solitude, and that of others, locating your campsite feet or more from roads, streams and trails is a good rule to follow. At the intersection with the North-South Trail , turn right to head east back to the trailhead at the parking area at the Scenic Highway. I was exhausted most of the time, and the smallest chore - like putting a sleeping bag in a stuff sack or striking the tent - was so tiring.

Cranberry Wilderness is contained within the Black Bear Sanctuary. For trail information, print Cranberry Wildeness Brochure and Map. What went wrong? Motor vehicles are restricted to roads and parking areas.

More than 70 miles of maintained hiking trails provide access to the area.

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When we made camp, I felt pretty good but not hungry, so I made a command decision to not eat the freeze dried vegan curry I had planned for my meal - a very wise choice, as it turned out. However, the trail is well-marked in all areas.

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Cranberry Wilderness Loop Hiking Trail, Marlinton, West Virginia