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Think about when you go to a nice restaurant. Whatever brought them to this page was strong enough to get them to take the action to visit the page clicking through an email, clicking from the homepage, etc.

For a product display page, focus tightly around the product-level value prop to encourage conversion.

objectives of industrial marketing

The first suggestion is the development of a new product line that is promoted as "safe, effective, and eco-friendly", priced at 1. In general, this is where you want to express the full value proposition with images, copy, etc. Regardless, a key conversion is happening, and it is essential to boost cognitive momentum.

Focus on communicating the process-level value prop and reducing friction so they understand why it is worth making the purchase through your website while making it easy for them.

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So emphasize unique product-level value props to help customers identify the best product fit. Scroll below the graphic for a full explanation. To do so, just remind them of value while reducing friction on the payment page. That is the one I will likely choose. However, the price should not be higher than the market price because onsumers care a lot about the price. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger image, click here to download a PNG version , or click here to download a PDF version. You are asking your self or your company what can you do to keep your consumers happy and loyal to your products or services? Complex, I know. Click to enlarge Here is the value sequencing decider graphic and major thanks to designer Chelsea Gunlock for taking my scribbles from two giant whiteboards in my office and making them look this sharp. Another key page where a decision occurs is a landing page. Marketers can easily fall into the trap of sell, sell — that is, selling a product the same way at every single customer touchpoint.

For example, if I understand the value of two different electronics companies, those will both be in my decision set when I am shopping for headphones. You should help customers get to the right page and often identify the right product for themselves.

That is the one I will likely choose. But as I get deeper into my customer journey, I discover only one of the products has a lifetime warranty.

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Every website — whether B2B or B2C, whether the product is a set of steak knives or a white paper download — generally has pages created specifically to sell the product. The risk level of the purchase should inform that focus.

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Decider Paper Marketing