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Above a number of these village councils there was a larger panchayat or council to supervise and interfere if necessary. The main objective behind the Panchayati Raj is that the people in the village should undertake the responsibilities of governing themselves. West Bengal did not form any Nyaya Panchayat at all. Composition of the Panchayats: It is the lowest rung of the three-tier system and consists of the elected representatives of the people. In Delhi, the Gram Sabha sent representatives for Panchayati adalats directly. If the Sarpanch or panch has already retired, the State Government might declare him ineligible for election for three years after recording the adverse findings against him. The Act also provides for the constitution of District Planning Committee. A considerable improvement was effected in the powers of the judicial panchayats. It is the first executive tier having jurisdiction over a village or group of villages.

These two measures completely disempowered the village community and destroyed the panchayat. Elections of chairperson at intermediate and district levels are to be indirect.

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Assam, Bihar and Delhi stood for direct election by Gram Sabha. Functions The Gram Panchayat is the administrator of the rural society, and they have such services for the welfare of the community.

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In most of the Part C states their jurisdiction comprised of three to five village panchayats. Panchayats can best carry out the uplift programmes, such as mending roads, terrace, and embank the fields, building bunds, digging drains, provide fresh drinking water, etc.

These seats are filled by co-option as otherwise, on account of their small number, and other social reasons, they may remain unrepresented.

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The most significant administrative body of the Gram Panchayat is to provide in the rural society by making the temples, hospitals, the welfare of the poor. The phase of stagnation 3. Powers The Gram Panchayat gets the power from the centralization, and they can also neglect from them. Panchayat were functional institutions of grassroots governance in almost every village. A study team on Panchayati Raj finances recommended an expenditure of Rs. This was a transfer of power and initiative for social and economic development of villages. The mode of election of the President of the Panchayats also differed from state to state. The official hierarchy failed to inspire confidence among the village people.

Essential of Panchayat system In Rural Society, the panchayat system is necessary to control over the administration of the community.

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