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In your personal life? Alright I think I've said it all. Google Google Google! I found that I increasingly structured my lessons around not only teaching them vocabulary and grammar, but encouraging them to use it; when I could provoke them into using their English because they had thoughts they really wanted to communicate with me, I felt I had succeeded. What are your long term goals? What is it about teaching in Korea that interests you? Don't only focus on kpop or kdrama. Have you ever lived abroad? Here would be a great place to focus on key-terms like "student-centered," "authentic tasks," "learning strategies," and "classroom environment.

Try and keep each essay at about the same length. Think about this: What about teaching interests you?

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Good luck with your writing! This application includes the components listed above. You can touch up using photo-editing software, though I would suggest only adjusting for light.

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I was keen for the experience, and open to it, and wanted to learn. Finally, a successful applicant can structure the essay in a few different ways, all of which are perfectly fine. Google Google Google! If anyone's got questions please feel free to leave a comment or send a message.

For example, throw a ball around to different students where, when they catch the ball, they have to say "Today I feel It's a classification of skills broken into six parts, remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

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A few last tips: Incorporate the presence of your co-teacher when writing up this plan. Teachers set the context for the day's lesson

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Show your collaborative side! While I will not share what I wrote for my mine, I hope these tips will help you in formatting and writing your personal essays! They quickly adpoted me and in my first couple of weeks in Korea gave me a crash course in Korean culture: they taught me about Korean food, gave me some survival language skills greetings, numbers, how to ask where the bathroom was , taught me about K-Pop, noraebang, and the importance of age in Korean relationships, and many other things, too. Think about how this lesson relates to an imaginary previous lesson. A game show style activity? You will attach a PDF version of your letters of recommendation to your initial application and, once given the green-light by your coordinator, will mail the original copies along with all other documents. To share knowledge? You will be wasting valuable word count if you do this. Students will be able to independently order food from a restaurant using basic vocabulary. What do you know about Korea? Pay a bunch of money and get some seriously high quality photos that could be used as a stock image on google--or pay a small sum of pocket change to get a nice photo that'll do the trick. Your application may and likely will look different! As for your educational philosophy, it should be inclusive, friendly and dedicated, I would think. Feel free to reference personal experience.
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