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Both the engraving and the panel depict the resurrection of Christ. Everything people know about Him is mainly found in the Bible but, even through the reading of the Bible people can come to various conclusions about who He was and who He is today. After hearing about the terrible conditions in Burma, while backpacking in New Zealand.

This act says to the witnesses that the person or people have a life transformation in Christ. Jesus, if he really did swoon, could not have removed the huge big rock just by himself Keathley 2.

However, if the resurrection did occur and the promises of Jesus are then attached to his claim that he is the son of God and all that he said is true, then belief in the deity of Jesus and his resurrection, still remains the only way in which an individual receives eternal life in heaven.

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Keathley 2. The crucifixion takes many days of agony, while the victim dies by Why is the resurrection central to the Christian Faith? In all of these teachings, the resurrection is included, or rather seen as the most important aspect of the Christian faith and plan for salvation.

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Essay: The Facts of the Resurrection by Aaron Brake