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In his visitation to Ophelia, Hamlet accomplishes two things. When Macbeth arrives, Lady Macbeth tells him about her plans of Duncan's murder.

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This is the first murder victim of Macbeth. Ella is ambitious but troubled. There are many emotions that arise throughout the play, but the most important of all is ambition. The witches for a second time had manipulated Macbeth into believing he to be invincible and that no body can harm him.

Lady Macbeth and the Witches see Macbeth as the perfect victim of fate. Words: - Pages: 2 Macbeth From the courages in defense of Scotland issignificant in the opening scene.

Get Essay This idea of ambition ultimately determines the fate of the texts characters.

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She desires the kingship for him and wants him to murder Duncan in order to obtain it. When Lady Macbeth heard about the prophecies made by the witches, and how one of them had already come true, she called upon evil spirits to guide her through her task - killing the king. These two texts contain various literary techniques such as imagery and sarcasm to support the themes mentioned.

Which gives Macbeth a lot to think about.

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Essay on Macbeth Retold and Macbeth Similarities