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Advocates of another school of thought, known as social constructivism, focus on the social nature of ethnic identity. Over the past months in the cause of the year, series of cattle rustling and loss of human lives was quiet frequent, especially in Marsabit.

The modernization theory represents an advance logic surrounding the causes of ethnic conflict. Ethnic conflict is thus not simply a political event but a drama that challenges the very existence of the group by contesting its identity. To solve the issues of ethnic violence, it is important to understand the framework that should be used based on the existing theories.

Esman, Milton J. Numerous times of debates and advocacy between who is dominant and who is subordinate has been a great input in the making of our history which until now, is still being added.

The choices such groups make may determine the ethnic group they would be attached to, their demands and grievances Kaufman, Opportunistic interventions to gain military, economic, or political benefits take advantage of conflict-affected states and contribute to the conflict.

The members of such cultural and biological origin may have some practices or social inclinations that they consider better than those individuals of other communities do. At the same time, international involvement can be crucial in preventing and settling ethnic conflict.

effects of ethnic conflict

The reasons for these discrepancies are manifold. These military conflicts—created by Aliyah—were the foundation of rejection that Jewish immigrants endured while living in Palestine.

how to solve ethnic conflict
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