Every manager is an hr manager

It is our job to recruit the right talent, and then lead, facilitate, motivate and develop them. I was asked to further divide the 3-year plan into half-yearly and quarterly plans. Since four years, we have been serving the industry through daily news and stories.

Here is what worked for me in the early years of my career: My manager asked me to draw up my career road map. Employees are assets to the organization. This is basically an advisory role played by the manager whereby he only assists line managers, but that does not mean his advice shall be taken finally.

This applies to all companies across various industries. Or they might have been promoted recently to a position that is too demanding in terms of skill set.

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Managers, my message to you is simple. The focus being that HR professionals retain a role in providing advice and expertise in ensuring managers comply with disciplinary procedures Harris et al. Clearly, they need skilled people around them to attain success. Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships 6.

HR is a managerial function, which assists managers with recruitment, motivation and maintaining employees within the organisation.

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Human Resource Management is applicable for every manager