Future of advertising in india

While existing blockchain ad systems are not exactly scalable, the future will witness more blockchain ad solutions for both agencies and advertisers.

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This is in line with an announcement earlier this year that mobile and video ad spend in the country has doubled since Location data to influence advertising Currently, location data is mostly used for marketing purposes. Programmatic marketing will not only dominate the traditional advertising but will wipe out the man-made marketing techniques soon.

Simultaneously, the virtual marketplace is no more vulnerable to the negative psychology of the customers about E-commerce.

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This very change which is setting the tones for the future of advertising in India, is providing the opportunity for the digital media to make further inroads, as everything around will get smarter sooner or later. From these research and studies, it can be easily inferred that the consumption of digital media in India is increasing rapidly and gradually.

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Brand safety, Viewability and Ad Fraud are topics that grabbed headlines. We look set to welcome the new IRS print readership study after a long hiatus and the ABC Online measurement, if all goes well, in This is the biggest change I find in the current marketing and advertising world where brands are trying to exploit the human emotions in a good way to connect them to their products. We only remember the theme which touched us at the very first sight of the advertisement. Use location data to create ad campaigns that are super specific and targeted. Facebook and Google, engulfed in controversies, are changing their business patterns and service offerings to keep up with the changing dynamic. Yet tomorrow it may be completely different.

Let us take a brief look at the future of advertising shaped by technology, and the new media you might want to consider if you are an agency looking to advertise. Make sure that in-app ads focus on user interface and intuitiveness so that consumers do not feel intruded upon.

Future of advertising in india

Programmatic marketing will not only dominate the traditional advertising but will wipe out the man-made marketing techniques soon. Within a day the video became viral and then they had put that on TV. The reason for this evolution is that the consumers have now started to understand from where they are getting more benefit and how to search for the best option. This has several implications for content owners, creators, brands and media measurement. Nescafe introduced their ad on YouTube just as an experiment. Ad agencies that do not consider personalization or data will fall behind, but agencies and professionals that smartly utilize emerging technologies and media platforms will survive now and in the future. In addition, both AR and VR require the consumer to be present fully, making them a hyper-local ad solution. In fact, ad content will tend to become more informative and realistic than persuasive. Mobile Video A huge step up from digital display advertising, video is four times more effective in engagement and click-through rates. This proves the importance of social media which can be used as the way to showcase your product and experiment new things. Mobile ad impressions in India have grown per cent year on year according to Opera Mediaworks. Social media advertising in the future will be more personalized and hyper-local, thanks to all the data that is available at the moment.

This can either help a brand or destroy its image.

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The future of advertising