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You can do a preliminary search on aggregator websites such as MyFontsFonts.

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They are best paired with simple backgrounds and sleek fonts. Do you want your font to have more variability? Blenda is an experimental font from Seniors Studio. Skinnycreated by the artist notfon, is currently one of the most popular handwritten fonts on Dafont.

It comes in six weights with fun descriptions like "ballpoint," "sharpie" and "whiteboard. The font retains the essential character of the original writing, but it is not a precise replica.

The designers at Pixelify even included multi-language additives for greater versatility. By that we mean four times the width of the marker tip.

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Because there are so many distribution channels, the only way to guarantee availability and protect a name is to apply for a copyright with the U. Ancient script: Capitalis Rustica Capitalis Rustica was used from the 1st to the 5th centuries during the Roman Empire for important manuscripts. Assess whether your specimen is complete enough to support an entire font. If you choose to replicate your specimen with utmost precision, be aware that rigorously honoring accuracy may mean compromising legibility. Does it include both upper and lowercase letters? Again, this is a purely majuscule script. Why didn't you use a clock face for forming a, c, d, g, o, and q? Swash letters may be less legible, or may only be appropriate for use in specific instances, but can add variety, beauty, and personality. This shape fits more naturally with the slant of the paper and natural movements of the hand. Lebedev Studio has more than 2, glyphs. Take time to assess which elements in the original specimen are consistent and which vary, then plan how you could incorporate those variations into your font.

The designers at Zetafonts created Kitten with 14 different weights and even a collection of cute kitty dingbats.

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