How franklin presents his story of

There is no conflict between spiritual and material goals. Leo, ed. Beginning with the assumption that every individual wishes, if possible, to acquire wealth and status, Franklin urges readers to adopt cooperative strategies in pursuing these aims. Does he assign wisdom to the Iroquois leaders? It is not uncontrolled indignation that motivates his behavior, but self-protective caution. Other references to family, scattered throughout the narrative, subtly reinforce the importance of kinship. They helped one another in business and found ways to help others in their community. By Judith P. Body: Physical Activity When most people think of Ben Franklin, they don't usually think of an athlete. I thought after reading the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, I felt like he did present his story as an illustration of self-improvement.

When the system functions properly, both parties stand to reap more in the way of benefits than they expend in costs. How do his moral principles apply to his entire life personal and business?

It does not, in the end, prevent the establishment of a second newspaper. In sum, Franklin harnesses exceptional skills, diligent work habits, and a thrifty lifestyle to high aspirations and sound planning.

He later wrote that he held in one hand two united wires, and in the other a chain connected to the outside of the jars. Clearly he believes that anyone aspiring to rise in status and assume leadership roles needs a strong base of social support. He approaches marriage, to name a conspicuous example, with conscious acknowledgement of the cost-benefit calculations that enter into the mate-selection process. Sayre, Robert F. The members of the Junto sought to improve their minds and their world. Such deception is self-protective in intent, rather than actively exploitative; its goal is to maintain the community regard essential for success in his chosen enterprises. His carefully honed skills as a writer likewise contribute to his rapid rise to prosperity, most importantly by ensuring the popularity of his newspaper and almanac. Jennings, Francis. Benjamin Franklin became a model to some people. Whenever possible he attempts to correct these asymmetrical transactions, often long after the fact. Franklin took two large jars of electrified water, called Leyden jars, after the university in Holland where they were invented.

Not only was Franklin an avid reader, he loved to discuss what he read. He was a model for the rags-to-riches story of the self-made man.

How franklin presents his story of

So he was unwilling to suggest that there have been large differences from one historical period to another, for fear of being trapped in a period himself. Instead of nursing the flames of righteous indignation, which might lead to futile demonstrations of aggression against a high-status individual, he deals practically with the problems Keith has caused him and then moves on.

Although he wasn't successful at convincing all his colleagues to change their ways, Franklin's clear-headed work and productive physical strength most printers would carry a single tray of heavy lead type; Franklin was known for usually carrying two trays were recognized, and he was promoted.

The 'line' has no dimensions length, width, height and extends unlimited in both directions. From the available possibilities, in terms of roles and beliefs, members of a given community will adopt some and reject others, positioning themselves sometimes conservatively, sometimes rebelliously.

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Mastering all of the virtues all at one time was not his plan. Revised Ed.

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