How to write a feature story for yearbook avenue

The best yearbook storyteller pros in the business create this magazine for you - use it again and again. Verbal and visual stories supporting the theme concept run through the sections, often in content modules that are sometimes labeled with theme-related phrases. Create and use them regularly throughout your book. A Great but Simple Storytelling Idea - Want to have some fun and teach kids some things along the way? Try serious questions, funny questions or do a mix. A story can be told with a picture and a caption, or a short video. Get your staffers to take pictures and write just a little copy on how your school remembers Dr. After initial brainstorming sessions to explore story ideas and fresh angles, yearbook journalists continue the process by listing all the sources they need to contact and the resources they need to access for information and insights. Videos add sound and movement to your stories. Calling up your pictures and videos of their teen years would be a powerful reminder of their formative school days. Interested in getting a REAL student journalism program going at your school? You can upload as many images and now videos as you wish.

Be sure to download the install the new Yearbookers Field Kit app, a Jostens exclusive that allows you to monitor your Yearbook Avenue website from your iPad. Absolutely take some time to read through the great stories in this issue, written by the best creative experts and top advisers in the business.

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What does this have to do with storytelling? For fall book staffs, regularly check your page submission plans and story ideas, and stay active with your storytelling right up to the final week of school. September was Coverage, check out the great stuff there.

Have a ReplayIt Selfie Day! Make a note on your calendar to check www.

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If one of your history teachers has special activities today, why not remember them with some pictures of the action and perhaps a video to remember the story? Now is a good time to start.

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How To Write A Feature Story For Yearbook Avenue