How to write a financial aid letter for private school

sample letter for financial assistance for education

If there are options that other families may have that you do not, it can help to let the school know. Step 7.

Submit your letter, documentation and any forms the school requires.

how to win a financial aid appeal

Start with bullet points. Once you have assessed your current financial situation, you can begin to write the letter.

financial aid appeal letter pdf

You still have the opportunity to appeal for an increase in grants or scholarships. The school wants to hear from them! These grants do not need to be paid back and are used to offset tuition costs.

Financial aid request letter sample

Sibling discounts are a lesser-used option and depend upon the number of children enrolled within the same school. Express the financial considerations that make attending the school difficult or impossible with the current aid package. The amount of aid a family receives may vary considerably from school to school. As you compose the letter, make sure to: Write it yourself. Gather documents to support your request. Ask whom you should get in touch with and any special requirements the school has. Make sure you do it right. Print clearly and neatly with a black or dark ballpoint pen to avoid processing delays. I would like to have the opportunity to explain my situation in greater detail based on recent developments that have negatively affected my financial situation. Every school will have its own process. We expect contributors to behave. If you can offer us more financial help, Paul will be able to attend and graduate as one of your success stories. When speaking with the administrators, stress that the only obstacle in your path is finances.
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Financial Aid for Private Schools