How to write a mail for leave extension

leave extension letter for marriage

I have been invited to a wedding but it is being held abroad and is a week long holiday. Till 15 february, In most cases though, if you have already established yourself as a valuable team member and your request is deemed genuine, such requests are granted.

How to ask for extended maternity leave

You Need application, letter, speech, essay, we are here to help you. If you have already proven yourself to be hardworking, efficient and most importantly, a person of high integrity, your manager will have no reason to doubt the reasons for your request for extension of leave. I have been invited to a wedding but it is being held abroad and is a week long holiday. This time will be spent helping my friend prepare for the wedding and helping with all the arrangements. I will be travelling by air but due to some unfortunate matter, I am going through train. Your track record with the company goes a long way in building that trust. Our writers do hard work to provide free English content to the visitors. For example, sickness, family issues, marriage etc.

According to the doctors I should be taking a complete 6 month bed rest and consume medicines for 6 months. Please visit www.

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If your manager does not grant your extension of leave, respect the decision and do not take it personally. I will be looking forward for your positive response. This will give you the leverage to ask for an extension of leave. Some people take the liberty to inform their manager after their original leave period has expired.

leave extension request due to medical treatment
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Sample of Letter for Extension Leave