How to write a mock trial closing argument example

These should be referenced and used during opening statements by the prosecution. The defendant himself testified that he was meeting with a potential new client and that he hoped to land a valuable account. First it is clear that the defendant caused the death of his wife.

I would agreed. At the close of the case, counsel returns to strengthen and explain the significance of those mental images. The Skills Required for a Strong Opening and Closing Argument As mentioned earlier, a core set of skills is required for nearly all parts of Mock Trial competition, including opening and closing statements.

It is often longer and more detail-oriented in its argumentation than the opening statement. Even if an argument accounts for the known facts, gives reasons for every action, is supported by credible witnesses, and is replete with convincing details, it still will not be accepted if it does not make sense to the trier of fact.

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Well, cars can be dangerous, too. At a minimum this means that the credibility of your own witnesses should be developed in the course of establishing an affirmative case.

Rebuttal is technically limited to issues that were addressed during the defense argument.

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It is not sufficient for a closing argument to draw, or even urge, inferences and conclusions; the argument must go on to explain why the desired ones are the correct ones. The precise handling of the various arguments will be discussed below in the section on organization. No, first and foremost he cared about that new client.

Understanding this process should tell us something about closing arguments.

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Sample Moot Court Trial Resources for Mock Trial Teams