How to write an artists resume

Try to be objective about the accepted paintings.

artist cv generator

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and your own website are all great places to share your news. Preferred mailing address: Providing a mailing address is optional.

Share news of your success online and in print media.

Entry level artist resume

Believe me this step is as important as the others. Now in your artist resume you should include an education section. For obvious reasons, do not list category headings that are not relevant to you. Also make sure the CV is current and up to date before submitting it. The master copy can be adapted to a targeted audience by adding items in categories that are pertinent and subtracting others in categories less relevant. Your name should be the very first thing that any reviewer should see, either centered or aligned to the left of the page. CVs cannot be tailored according to each job description, but the changes are made in the cover letter that goes with it.

These are moldable templates which you can tweak as per your experience. Sometimes these working relationships are temporary or sporadic. You will first scan the rest of your artist resume to look for skills and then pick those skills and write them in the key skills section.

A CV, in contrast, is more of a record of accomplishments such as exhibitions, publications, and awards.

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How to write an Artist's Resume or CV