Influence chinese health conscious consumer on

Companies with strong brand equity may be able to capitalize on it by extending the brand into other product areas or consumer segments.

Brands that adopt a uniform strategy across China risk ignoring prominent differences in its regional markets. To further build trust, companies selling VMS or OTC products should seek to leverage credible and unbiased sources of information—such as expert endorsements or pharmacies near hospitals, both of which are widely respected.

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And industry players have ramped up consumer education efforts, are working to improve product quality and distribution logistics, and are making certified pharmacists available for real-time consultations.

The prevailing belief is that health foods should be fresh, natural, and organic.

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The government has imposed stricter requirements for online vendors. Ask yourself the following questions: In which product categories does my company have an advantage in scale, brand strength, product efficacy, or expertise?

Chinese consumers in small cities have high health and wellness aspirations and some distinct characteristics.

Influence chinese health conscious consumer on

Thirty percent of respondents aged 18 to 24 reported lifestyle ailments, compared with only 18 percent of people over For instance, TCM is more popular among consumers in large cities than among those in small ones. In large cities, consumers tend to compare product information on-site. But to gain a share of this market, manufacturers must understand the unique characteristics of Chinese consumers and how best to reach and serve them. Among key changes in the law are revised sanctions for varying grades of violations, as well as changes in the traceability and accountability regulations. See Exhibit 5. This includes having a grasp over the objectives and demands of Chinese consumers, regional differences in consumption patterns, and the internal dynamics of the overall market structure. To succeed, companies must understand their targeted consumers and develop product portfolios that play to distinct business strengths. According to our survey, 73 percent are willing to trade up and pay a premium for products deemed healthier.

For instance, TCM is more popular among consumers in large cities than among those in small ones. See Exhibit 4.

Another challenge is the fight against counterfeit products. Choose your battlefields wisely.

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China’s Health Foods Market: What Makes it Attractive for Investors