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Digitalization Short Term to Long Term: Leveraging the opportunities presented The way business is done has changed dramatically in past few years due to digital innovation. Indian Oil is investingRs. To make the workforce future ready, innovative learning and development interventions like Competency based Learning, initiatives such as e-Learning have been introduced. Abstracts was calm andanalyzed on the abject of appointment with guides and cocky studies internet and books. A new solvent dewaxing unit for maxi mizing production of microcrystalline wax was installed and commissioned in Looking at the economys performance from the demand side, Indias consumption growth weakened in both private and government space. In India, gas will play a major role in de-carbonising growth and there is major policy drive to push up its usage rates. It also has a wholly owned subsidiary i. Both developed and developing countries areutilizing oil assets continuously for their advance and prosperity. It processes a wide range of both indigenous and import ed grades of crude oil. The same captures the total details of location,equipment, etc.

India has been one of the fastest growing energy consumers in the last decade and as projected by various agencies, it is expected to grow at rates faster than other major economies in the world upto Fiscal Deficit in - 18 was 3. The refinery has also installed Hydrotreater to improve the quality of diesel.

IOCL has managed to significantly cut its borrowing cost due to high share of fo reign exchange debt. Establish the optimal inventory level.

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Anniversary administration isthe anatomic breadth of the accounts that covers the ability of the assembly of amanufacturing firm. Matching secondary processing facility such as RFCC Resid Fluidised Ca talytic Crac er and hydrotreater facilities for diesel quality improvement have been added.

The refining capacity was increased to 3.

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To maximize creation of wealth, value and satisfaction for the sta eholders. Petroleum - oil is the lifeline of modern civilization. With state-of the-art matching secondary processing facilities was approved at a cost of Rs. In order to increase the availability of ethanol, the Corporation is setting up 2nd Generation Ethanol production plants in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Gujarat. D Where to store? It is animportant area in the day to day management of the firm. MISSION To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of energy and di versified business with focus on customer delight through value of products and services, and cost reduction. It is located in the his toric district of Panipat in the state of Haryana and is about 23 m from Panipa t City.
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Inventory Management at Iocl