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The app clearly demonstrates how to form each letter, with directional lines showing how your child should write each stroke.

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Firstly, the app shows each of the layers in turn with an on-screen pencil tracing along them. You can choose whether your child should practise print or pre-cursive joined letters, and there are also activities to help them with their blending and decoding skills.

Singalong Cursive Handwriting taps into this by combining handwriting practice with songs, rhymes and illustration. To keep your child motivated to learn, there are seven bonus games to unlock as they progress through the app.

Nor can they test that a child flowed through the letter in the correct way. The motivation to do a good job is usually enough to ensure children do not do this sort of thing, and there is no perfect system to avoid this, so this is more something to be aware of than a criticism of the app. As letters are completed they are marked by a star, but they can still be revisited for future practice.

As cursive writing involves back tracking over some letters, a number of layers are formed. The app generates automatic progress reports showing how your child is doing, and is best used in short bursts on a regular basis.

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The app, developed by a specialist literacy teacher, has three levels. Then, when they come to write the letter on paper, they automatically recall the song, and this helps them form the letter correctly.

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Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Best handwriting apps for kids Handwriting is a vital skill for primary school children to master.

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Best handwriting apps for kids