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kennedy lugar youth exchange and study program 2019-20

Department of State to implement the placement portion of the YES program. What is the involvement of the U. Only send the photocopies of the documents mentioned in the Preliminary Application.

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YES provides a wide variety of support mechanisms for students preparing to go abroad. The program is funded by the U. Will my child have medical coverage while abroad? YES participants are placed in volunteer host family homes and into host schools in the United States by established and reputable placement organizations that have competitively been awarded grants by the U.

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Department of State to implement the placement portion of the YES program. Department of State, along with the U. Relevant information includes, but is not limited to, a diagnosis of or treatment for an illness, a physical disability, a learning disability, a behavioral or emotional disorder, a dietary restriction, or drastic changes in weight. Department of State. For instance, YES Alumni Pakistan, one of the biggest YES alumni associations in the world, is involved with many of the abovementioned activities all across the year, examples being the rehabilitation project after the Pakistani floods, the YES Ramadan project in , and numerous other alumni led workshops and seminars. Each organization provides hour assistance in the event of an emergency and facilitates appropriate medical treatment, including evacuation, if necessary. As the consortium lead on the grant for YES operations, also competitively awarded by the U.

All applicants are required to take an English proficiency exam, write a proctored essay, complete a YES program application, and participate in group and individual in-person interviews.

Where will my child be living?

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Living and studying abroad can be a stressful and challenging experience for people of any age.

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Youth Exchange and Study Programs