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The Narsimhan Committee report suggested wide ranging reforms for the Indian banking sector inincluding the important one to introduce internationally accepted banking practices so as to enable Indian banks to achieve service excellence.

Research Methodology The present study is based on both primary and secondary sources for collecting facts and figures relating to topic under research.

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It was found that the male customers had a more positive perception of service quality as compared to the female counterparts. It further revealed that the new generation private sector and foreign banks are fore-runners in customer services and the implications are for the public sector banks, who should improve their approach towards customers to perform better.

Determining a promotion partner may lessen the risk of a potential failure, yet cost more profit and affect the recoup schedule. The article discusses the retail banking challenges like customer retention and finding new customers and the need for implementing CRM in this sector.

It explains the Services Oriented Architectures SOA that create a new land of flexibility in how banks interface and integrate application.

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It was difficult to collect data from all over the country on account of restraints of time and finance. The study compares the satisfaction level of customer with the quality services provided by the Indian banks with special reference to the State Bank of India. The study also highlights the expectations of the customers. In the study, factor analysis as the principal method of the research has necessitated the revision of Servqual dimensions so as to reflect unique customer preference in Northern Cyprus. This result empirically ads further understanding to the knowledge and supports the view that automated services could enhance the disconnectivity and positivity in customers. As discussed in the case study and shown by the survey results, the proposed relationship seem to hold for a large service organization operating in the turbulent business environment. The study has used convenience sample. It has increased the uses of the mobile and e-banking facilities, security and confidentiality have become very difficult to maintain and that has become a major challenge for the banks. Federal Reserve study indicated that electronic payments now exceed two-third of all non cash payments in the United States. In the last of the study he have discussed that banking service providers should follow right course of action to win customer satisfaction by providing better service quality in order to create loyal customer base.

The result implies that going for CRM deployment may not be a profitable strategy for retail banks, particularly in the Indian banking. The results showed that customer value four dimensions of perceived service quality: assurance, empathy, tangibles, security and reliability.

Retail Banking has immense opportunities in a growing economy like India. The second part makes the comparative analysis and interpretation of the service quality dimensions of public sector banks and private sector banks.

According to him service quality issues could be split into technical quality what is done and functional quality how it is done. Data were gathered from customers of two major banks in the retail banking industry a leading public sector bank and a leading private sector multinational bank.

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Frances X. It needs to invest on employee training programs that will provide employees with an understanding of service culture and service excellence particularly at front line levels. It also deals with the various aspects of Retail Banking in India and sets out the steps in order to start the research work on Retail banking in India shared by both the private sector banks and public sector banks. The Interest rate structure has been deregulated to a great extent and banks have been given a great degree of freedom in determining their rate structure for deposits and advances, as well as their other product range. The study also suggests some recommendations to minimize this gap. The future overview of the industry in terms of asset size, number of financial cardholders and various other important features. The results suggested that the service quality concept in the retail banking of India as one of the developing economy is a multidimensional construct of service quality. Sheetal B. The Committee recommended a liberal policy towards the entry norms of private sector banks and foreign banks into the Indian banking sector. Many initiatives, schemes and reforms have been put into the place after independence. Get your price writers online It is relevant to refer briefly to the previous studies and research in the related areas of the subject to find out and to fill up the research gaps. This document explores key practices and regulatory issues for the Dutch Retail Banking Sector which is following the concept of cross-selling to make consumer banking profitable. Vibhor Jain, Dr. Hence this research study was undertaken. It is divided into two parts.

Hence this research study was undertaken.

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