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QuickBooks in which payroll is not processed by a third party, additional supporting documentation may be required for reimbursement.

The state secretary shall provide nongovernmental and private entities with sufficient quantities of such affidavit forms free of charge. Please note that research institutions and life sciences incubatorswhile not eligible to participate in the Internship Challenge, are eligible to host high school interns through the High School Apprenticeship Challenge.

The state secretary shall provide English and Spanish affidavits of voter registration to all registration agencies.

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Hear from other program participants by visiting our testimonials page. Such form shall be designed to provide the registrant with a copy thereof at the time of registration at a registration agency. The program connects employers with prospective interns through an online platform and reimburses eligible companies for intern stipends. Permanent Resident Status , you may be considered for admission to master's or doctoral degree programs if you have attained your baccalaureate degree at a regionally accredited American college or university, or possess an equivalent degree. Said secretary shall provide forms in such additional languages as he deems necessary or as required by law. Most foreign four-year degrees are recognized as being equivalent; however, the three-year Indian Bachelor of Arts, Science, and Commerce degrees and other three-year Asian degrees are not considered to be equivalent. Must be life sciences companies or companies that provide services to the life sciences industry.

A three-year baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution with a year of full-time master's degree coursework may be considered equivalent to a U.

The forms shall include the contents required by federal law, including section 6 of the National Voter Registration Act of42 U. Hear from other program participants by visiting our testimonials page. Internships can be part or full time and can take place throughout the month Program Year, which runs from May 1st through April 30th of the following year.

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