Nehemiah business analysis

They move them toward a common cause or vision.

Nehemiah business analysis

This organization that Nehemiah enacted is an example of matrix structure, where there is a blend of geographic area and functional resources.

Like the quote in the Timeshe established a direction and a purpose and began to gather the means necessary to begin the rebuild.

Nehemiah the administrator

Bring these nine themes together in a spirit of humility and prayer, and you can be a Nehemiah to your people. This is a prayer the people did together to acknowledge what God had done and what He would be doing in their lives in the future. When he arrived, he secretly surveyed the challenge and came up with a plan. Four times Nehemiah prayed to God when the people of Israel were being mocked or opposed in their work ,9; ; He saw the vision and the goal destined for him. About how they failed to obey in the promised land vv. Nehemiah not only succeeded, he did so efficiently and accomplished the once thought impossible task of rebuilding the wall in only 52 days. Are there any of the steps that you would consider unnecessary? His faith was not in people, but in the God of Israel.

Thomas Marcellus, Director of the Institute for Historical Review, sorts damaged files from the wreckage of the devastating arson attack on July 4,against the. Google offers a wide range of….

Nehemiah principle

Nehemiah:Rebuilding the Wall. After receiving approval, Nehemiah then went to Jerusalem and quietly assessed the damage for three days before taking action. The book was given to readers to tell about significant historical events and life in post-exilic Jerusalem. Comfort and Walter A. Nehemiah finished the work of rebuilding the wall and the city. This repair would guarantee the security of the city and could provide a focal point for the Jewish community scattered throughout Judah. He reconstructed the wall and the community of Jerusalem.

They motivate others to work hard and buy in to that vision. This is supported by evidence in Nehemiah 13 where Nehemiah declares that the gates of the city were to be shut from the beginning of the Sabbath to the end of the Sabbath in order to keep foreigners out of the city.

Nehemiah building the wall commentary

It seems to be one of those qualities that you know when you see it, but is difficult to describe. The temple being completed did not mean that the reforms and rebuilding within the city of Jerusalem were complete. That is why seven chapters of the thirteen are dedicated to telling about the social and religious reforms Nehemiah organized, participated in, or directly administered after the walls of Jerusalem had been rebuilt. Nehemiah was concerned about the spiritual health and welfare of the Jews in Jerusalem. Boone, L. Spiritual repair was his main focus and rebuilding the walls of the city was how he accomplished that spiritual repair. After 70 years of exile in Babylon and Persia, they were able to worship God again. Management Challenges for the 21st Century. Nehemiah, however, had a much bigger vision. The burden of Jewish suffering was registered by the Holy Spirit to him.

In those days, the high priest was very powerful. He appointed people who watched day and night against their enemies.

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Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Nehemiah encouraged them that God will fight for them; they should trust God and help each other.

Nehemiah 2 commentary

Nehemiah was angry and scolded the rulers, nobles and rebuked them. For 80 years people looked at those walls laying flat on the ground and thought that it would need to be fixed. After receiving approval, Nehemiah then went to Jerusalem and quietly assessed the damage for three days before taking action. In chapter nine the people prayed to God Praising Him and expressing gratitude vv. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The walls needed to be rebuilt so that proper temple worship could be adhered to. Evidence of this is seen in how Nehemiah reacted when he heard that the city walls had been torn down and that the gates had been burnt with fire. Are leadership traits universal? Yin, R. The people wanted to hear the book read. Andy Stanley is referring to a vision that also seeks to build the kingdom of God. Copyright , Integrity Resource Center, Inc. He continued to pray for them.

He also showed the characteristics of a Servant Leader.

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Nehemiah: Business Analysis Essay Example