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When writing this section of the proposal you must know what and how much of your action plan you are going to reveal.

You have to know if you are going to organize your report directly or indirectly. Graphics It is important to include graphics in a report. The best way to do this is to prepare a written problem statement, i. Not only will an unnecessary graph clutter a report, it will weaken your credibility.

Formal Proposals Formal proposals are similar to informal proposals accept that they differ in size and format.

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Describe exactly what deliverables they can expect, and when they can expect them. Variations of citation methods can be used for the report. Your report can be informational or analytical. What circumstances brought about the need for this information? Form Of Data. The article describes that it is important that state your plan of action, discuss its implementation and provide a schedule your plan. If possible, ask questions of the reader throughout. The 3-x-3 writing process, which was introduced by Guffey is composed of 3 phases that are divided into 3 main points.

It is always a beneficial to begin the report with an eye-catching picture or question. After this, it is important to include factual data. Business reports always solve problems and answer questions.

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Accordingly, attaching a copy of the RFP identifies the issue to which you are replying.

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10 Steps: How to Write a Business Proposal [NEW Templates