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In his book, The One Hundred Most Influential Men in History, Michael Hart rated Muhammad at the top of the list, not for founding the League of Ethical Businessmen, but for establishing a religion that that to one degree or another impacts the lives of 1.

The existence of corporations certainly leverages the productivity of commerce, the problems of corporations limited liability, for examplewhich after all are artificial creations of the state, must be addressed. Once you are on the earth, the guidance will certainly come to you from Me, and then whoever follows My guidance there will be no fear for them nor shall they grieve.

Bethesda: Minaret of Freedom Institute.

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See, g. See e. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Muslims are ordered truly to observe these values in whatever position they are: whether employer or employee, landlord or peasant, trader or customer, ruler or ruled, officer or subordinate, transporter or passenger, depositor or fiduciary, relatives or strangers, neighbours or fellow-workers, nobody is allowed to disregard these values at any time. God has created everything in the universe with a balance to maintain the equilibrium. Do not therefore, do injustice to your own selves Haykal , p. When you get to organizations the size of Enron the problem becomes enormous, and thus we have developed complex rule of business ethics, rules of governance and accounting in an effort to develop transparency and accountability. Bethesda: Minaret of Freedom Institute. The axiom of equilibrium is the horizontal dimension of Islam. Consider the hope that market interventionists have placed in environmental issues. Those who fail to distinguish between business ethics and ethical business do not seem to be clear headed on the issue. The overall view of human relations in Islam is contractual. Within the broad scope of the law as to what is permitted and what is prohibited, all else is determined by contract among ourselves, by mutual agreement.

Thus, there was a pluralism hardwired into the system in the concept of the protected minority, the dhimmi. This is apparently a paradoxical situation.

Belief in God provides not merely the motivation, but the imperative for adhering to shariah law, which is to be applied in all spheres of life.

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In the modern world the business arena is often rife with ethical dilemmas and without regulations situations could have widely differing outcomes. Satan is neither grateful for this mercy nor repentant of his arrogance.

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Business Ethics in Islam (part 1 of 2): Buying and Selling