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Their pieces of literature both reflected on a what-if society based on the current living conditions. My social life diminished as my hours wasted on the iPad began to rise, and I began to feel the lost energy from many late nights.

Additionally, eBooks have replaced print books. How technology affects society in Fahrenheit and the real world Every day, everywhere people are using technology to check email, calculate tax, and talk with each other.

Currently, the technology has become part of our lives and this is partially because of Bradburys past inspiration. It has become an addiction, obsession and a real world wide problem. It serves as a warning to the people on how to handle the things they have in life. The setting of a story can develop the tone, the truth, the atmosphere, the theme, and the foundation. Most firemen put fires out but Montag likes to start them rather than putting them out. Fahrenheit AlShammari 2 Guy Montag seems to be the protagonist character in Fahrenheit We have got to get rid of those machines. Bradbury based those aspects off of World War II and the cold war which sparked a time of change and conflict for many citizens. Dodsley, Philip D. Human communication has greatly increased with the introduction of computers, email, phones, Etc.

We have too many Internets. TV has also kept people informed about local crimes that have happened. As we learned more about technology, we became a technology-based society centered on devices and social media.

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