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At our early age, our parents never taught us the figures of speech or even idioms; they never tell us the law of gravity or even the logic behind of the law of supply and demand; they did not teach us to find the x and y in math. De Guzman, Jovita.

When in doubt, return to your mantra of respect and thoughtfulness. Pakikisama values sensitivity, it is to get along, be concerned and supportive.

For unless we do so we will continue to be the sick man of Asia. If man is rational then she is irrational because she is not man. Along with caring is paki alam or asking and knowing about what is happening with others as a show of concern. It embodies fundamental quality of ideas, sentiments and actions.

When we give importance to love, we are not afraid to make friends with others. Let us look at the lives of great men and women.

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Iniingatan nito ang ating kultura ar mgfa tradisyon. Hospitality, on the other hand, has its good and bad sides. The value upheld by every Filipino individual significantly affect the current status of our nation. There are many concepts presented by the author that has been taken for granted by the leaders, curriculum planners and other key players in the education system in the country. We hope that all of us will start eliminating weaknesses and developing strengths, and this start with analysis, understanding and appreciation of them. One of those is the way of courtship. However, closeness of family members can be readily seen by the way parents bring up their children. However, it is a fact that many Filipinos have succumbed to cording foreign influences. Wholestic this is the value that makes Filipino integrate and separate. I maintain that such values are never static, they mutate and evolve and are subject to changes as human interactions shape them. Samantala, ayon naman kay Constantino, may higit sa mga wika at dayalekto ang bansa batay na rin sa pagkakaroon ng ibat-ibang etnikong grupong nakatira sa bawat rehiyon na abg Pilipinas ay isang bansang may komplikadong sitwasyon linggwistikal. But because of certain constraints I cannot fully get involved with these causes. This was a defense of the alleged indolence of the Filipinos.
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Slowly Deteriorating and Fading Filipino Values