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We hear a lot of official talk about promoting Pakistani films in the world and improving their quality so that they can compete with films from India and around the globe. The construction of new screens which essentially means newer sources of revenue for films prompted investors to finally see hope for recovering investment from films, allowing the number of local films under production to increase.

In AugustShoaib Mansoor directed and released Khuda Ke Liye - it became a surprise instant success at the box office and brought the middle class back to the cinemas due to its controversial theme of addressing Pakistan's social problems.

The 18th Amendment effectively dissolved the federal culture ministry under which the CBFC operated and allowed each province to set up its own independent censor board the CBFC would be moved under the umbrella of the federal information ministry.

decline of pakistani cinema

Rai Farhatullah Related Papers. Signs of trouble slowly began in the cinema industry as VCRs and piracy became an issue.

This enthusiasm soon disappeared and not even Pakistan's first science fiction film, Shaaniin[34] directed by Saeed Rizvi employing elaborate special effects, could save the industry.

These rights include basic human rights, political rights, economic rights, reproductive rights, etc. No, because is an election year in which a lot of political upheaval is expected.

More importantly, the capriciousness of the decision spooked investors and suddenly a number of productions and multiplex development projects ground to a halt.

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Cinema of Pakistan