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The EPM solution use is widening over the financial divisions. Excel and web browsers accessing a central database.

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Click on Add and Save. SAP BPC is proving as a boon for organizations struggling with their high count of head costs and lost revenue, which is usually brought about by the inefficient processing of business tasks. In SAP Business Planning and Consolidation NetWeaver version, you have consolidation monitor that is used to manage consolidated data reported by groups and entity members. Business users can set up to refresh master data on nightly or weekly basis. Click on the Select option. It also provides various prebuilt components to reuse in different applications. Read Next:. Reporting ensures performance progress is monitored, problems are anticipated, and continuous improvement efforts are promoted. Non Reporting modules include Driver and Rates model and are used for currency rates, price, ownership data, etc. What to do? More information?

With the aid of this software, SAP professionals can contribute to the vertical growth of organizations, even while spending less time on paper works, along with power-packed forecasting and other consolidation activities in the automotive, budgeting, and strategic planning departments.

Next Page SAP BPC Consolidation module is used to manage and prepare consolidated data and provides a correct view of consolidated data in an organization. More information? These professionals have to work under the supervision of senior project managers to get further appraisal in their profiles.

Enter the Package name and description. Not all products can be combined yet.

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Budgeting is not just a prediction of future results. What to do?

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It indirectly helps in saving the cost for a company as less number of performance issues are reported. To create a new package, right-click on the blank area and select Add Package. For example, BPC It also supports client-side logging capabilities. The available languages for this examination are English and Japanese. The exam for this certification lasts for about minutes, with 80 questions in total. Go to Action Pane and select Manage Data. It helps them to answer the following questions. The dimension model used is extended star schema so it makes BPC with NW system and exceptional system for reporting.

This software is in real demand as it benefits multiple parties at any given point of time - such as end users, application consultants, project managers, power users and so forth.

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SAP BPC(Business Planning and Consolidation) Tutorial