The beat writers

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Instead of a movement and an ideology, the beatniks represented little more than a fashion. Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Blake are often cited as especially influential on the development of the Beat aesthetic.

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Underground music styles like jazz were especially evocative for Beat writers, while threatening and sinister to the establishment. In his own poetry, Ferlinghetti displayed a jazz-inspired rhythm and improvisational spirit. Most Beats were urbanites and they found Snyder almost exotic, with his rural background and wilderness experience, as well as his education in cultural anthropology and Oriental languages.

His work was always an expression of his inner turmoil and quest for meaning. Solomon later became the publishing contact who agreed to publish Burroughs' first novel Junky in In the s and 50s, a new generation of poets rebelled against the conventions of mainstream American life and writing.

By the mids, the Beats helped to spearhead a cultural vanguard reacting against institutionalized American values, materialism, and conformity. Interspersed with their Romantic influences were surrealist and absurdist tendencies.

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Written by Josh Rahn. Specifically, the beatnik was the laid-back, poetry reading goateed man, usually dressed in black.

He and other writers found inspiration in this genre and allowed it to help fuel the Beat movement.

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Beat Generation