The debate over whether the principle object of the law is the pursuit of justice

The debate over whether the principle object of the law is the pursuit of justice

Why should this be a concern of justice? Committee on Reparation and Rehabilitation of Victims This Committee will: consider matters referred to it by the Commission, the Committee on Human Rights Violations and the Committee on Amnesty; gather evidence relating to the identity, fate and whereabouts of victims and the nature and extent of the harm suffered by them; The Committee may: make recommendations which may include urgent interim measures as to appropriate measures of reparation to victims; make recommendations relating to the creation of institutions conducive to a stable and fair society and the measures which need to be taken to prevent the commission of human rights violations; prepare and submit to the Commission interim reports in connection with its activities; The Committee shall submit to the Commission a final comprehensive report on its activities, findings and recommendations.

Utilitarians will therefore find it hard to explain what from their point of view seems to be the fetishistic concern of justice over how the means to happiness are distributed, rather than happiness itself.

The manner in which the constitution and other forms of law seek to control police powers and to protect liberty and privacy from intrusion by the state can be seen generally as manifestations of the rule of law.

What the observer would note is that a society's formal commitment to such ideals is, by itself, not much more than the declaration of a promise, and that the realisation or actual performance of that promise is an entirely different matter.

The present section examines some of these questions in greater detail.

reasonable person standard tort law

He attributes to Marshall the view that "constitutional meaning changes with changing circumstances," and "legal principles Any person who wishes to apply for amnesty shall within 12 months from the date of the proclamation make such application to the Commission in the prescribed form.

Vinson refused to recognize the force of a fixed and objective legal principle.

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