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He finally agreed to wait in the hopes that more talks might lead to a settlement. But he couldn't resist the call of politics.

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In OctoberArafat fell ill with flulike symptoms and, his situation worsening, was transported to Paris, France, for medical treatment. For business purposes, it was expedient for them to adopt the religion and language of their conquerors. Inthe king unleashed his army on Arafat's men in the bloody civil war known as Black September.

Israel took over the rest of Palestine, along with sections of Egypt and Yasir Arafat. Boulder: Westview, On the orders of Defense Minister Hafez al-Assada close friend of Urabi, Arafat was subsequently arrested, found guilty by a three-man jury and sentenced to death.

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Shunned by his Arab brothers, presiding over a near-bankrupt organisation, and living in exile far from his people, Yasser Arafat had one hope left. In Kuwait, Arafat grew prosperous as an engineer, eventually owning two and three cars at a time, his favorite a Ford Thunderbird. Palestinian factions quickly found themselves involved in a deadly civil war. During the early s, Arafat adopted the name Yasser, and in the early years of Arafat's guerrilla career, he assumed the nom de guerre of Abu Ammar. Arafat was one of Fatah's most important founders and sat on the group's central committee. The exact date for the establishment of Fatah is unknown. Gowers, Andrew. Steady gunfire followed news of Arafat's announcement, however, with Palestinians shooting at Israeli positions from an apartment building. For business purposes, it was expedient for them to adopt the religion and language of their conquerors. This raid was one of several factors that led to the Six-Day War. Fatah was never much of a fighting force, but Arafat proved a dexterous recruiter and fundraiser, convincing Palestinian boys to sign up as soldiers and Arab leaders to bankroll the group. Responding to US pressure to have Arafat relinquish some of his power, the PA elected a prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, for the first time in April New York: Atlantic Monthly, In his youth, Arafat acquired the nickname Yasser, meaning "easy," though he was anything but. In the PLO voted to be included in any settlement.

Of those who remained, many were either at the time followers of a little known guy named Jesus or later converted to Christianity when it became the official religion of Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire.

If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! By the end of the year, Fatah had joined and become the dominant faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization, a heretofore impotent creation of the Arab states.

They were banned from Jerusalem, but not from the rest of the Levant and many if not most continued to live there, though there were some of course who emigrated. Hart, Alan.

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Recognising Israel The move represented a significant departure for the man who in appeared at the United Nations saying he bore "an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun", famously saying: "Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. The background since PB, scholarly and balanced. Freedman, Robert Owen, ed. When the British moved out of Palestine in and the Jewish state of Israel was created on a piece of Palestinian land, fighting broke out between the Jewish and Arab communities. Arafat's sister Inam stated in an interview with Arafat's biographer, British historian Alan Hart, that Arafat was heavily beaten by his father for going to the Jewish quarter in Cairo and attending religious services. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. Despite Arafat's demands for it to stop, there seemed to be no end to the violence, however. Though advised by a sympathetic Jordanian Army divisional commander to withdraw his men and headquarters to the nearby hills, Arafat refused, [35] stating, "We want to convince the world that there are those in the Arab world who will not withdraw or flee. Arafat's decision also severed relations with Egypt and many of the oil-producing Arab states that supported the US-led coalition. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! The rest came under the control of two Arab neighbors, Egypt and Jordan. The Oslo accords were followed by other peace agreements, starting with the Cairo accords of , which prompted Israel's limited withdrawal scheme, beginning with "Gaza-Jericho first". For business purposes, it was expedient for them to adopt the religion and language of their conquerors.

Palestinian factions were forced out of Jordan into Lebanon, this time with Arafat elected as the chairman of the PLO's executive committee.

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Arafat: A Life in Retrospect