The potential hazards of consuming genetically modified foods

For example the milk from cows injected with rBGH contains higher levels of pus, bacteria, and fat.

Negative effects of genetically modified crops

Stripped of their integrity and sacred qualities, animals who are merely objects to their "inventors" will be treated as such. Gene engineers all over the world are now snipping, inserting, recombining, rearranging, editing, and programming genetic material. These and other studies, including Dr. Pusztai warns, "Think of William Tell shooting an arrow at a target. One example is an anti-GMO advocacy group called the Institute for Responsible Technology IRT , which reported that rats fed a diet containing a GMO potato had virtually every organ system adversely affected after just ten days of feeding [5]. Afr J Biotechnol. Animal tests of these Brazil nut-spliced soybeans had turned up negative. In this case, the rats were eating a type of GMO corn, more commonly known as Bt corn. They found that pollen from genetically engineered Bt corn was poisonous to Monarch butterflies. Lee, K.

Despite this and other troubling contamination episodes, such as those described by GillisNicholsand Greenpeacethe biotech industry continues to grow open fields of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops crops altered to produce experimental drugs or industrial proteins that have never been assessed for their allergenic potential or other food safety issues.

In a genetically engineered brand of L-tryptophan, a common dietary supplement, killed 37 Americans and permanently disabled or afflicted more than 5, others with a potentially fatal and painful blood disorder, eosinophilia myalgia syndrome EMSbefore it was recalled by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Finally, they carried out histopathology and again found no differences in the stomach, liver, heart, kidney, spleen, or reproductive organs of GMO versus non-GMO fed rats. Cho, Y. Other large-scale projects have shown that thousands of Chinese farmers using ecologic techniques significantly reduced pesticide use without expensive, patented gene-modified seeds Yanqing Kim, B.

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Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods