The reader and hughes

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And they said Vancouver. Jenny: I wondered when you said about all your translations how you got on with relating to readers in other languages. Novelist and playwright Declan Hughes, through his literary creation, Loy, is rolling with the punches our island nation has recently endured.

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It must have also had something to do with timing, you were right at the head of the curve in indie publishing. By Hughes had taken up residence at Sutton Lodge as general manager of two Lancashire companies — the Stanley Works and the one called Ravenhead, receiving also a salary from the Parys Company; he was, later, admitted a partner in the Parys Company and he had a share in the Greenfield Flintshire Copper and Brass Company.

The reader and hughes

It happened to me, and it could happen to you. The people who owned them had most probably died in there.

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Every family has one. That was quite a coup? Perhaps now it would be easier to spin out the story lines… But how did you get from that kernel to a whole tree, and what kept you focused in the hard times. Book Four is coming out in June this year. And now you are traditionally published, is that right? This one is called Her Last Promise. Sometimes with a book, you know where you start, you know where you want to end, but sometimes the characters drive the narrative more.

It is for me anyway.

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