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It provides a source of comic relief at some points, but also helps the reader join in the fantasy. It is by no coincidence that it is the two women overwhelmed with jealousy of Tita become ill from her cooking.

Tita is devastated by this inhumane tradition and becomes extremely saddened. Esquivel seems to believe that in the recipes, there are more than just tangible ingredients; there is something more to the recipes that is intangible.

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This hate and discontent fills slowly over time inside of her. The effect is even worse on Roberto and he dies as a result of the separation. This novel would be most easily approached from a feminist view because of the intricate relationships between women. The ingredients that Tita subconsciously adds to her food are partial done through Nacha. There are many things that can affect them which cause the body to suffer. Esquivel takes a point she is trying to make and then proceeds to push it a little further, to emphasize it a little more, thusly giving the text a magical element. So it seems Tita was destined from the beginning to learn the traits of cooking since her birth, making her emotional connection to the food she cooked later in her life a new form of realism. Microsoft Corp, Tradition in Like Water for Chocolate Does your family have any traditions? Un-denounced to her, she was meant to remain in the kitchen, where she would become a servant until the death of her mother. Nancha and Tita share more of a mother-daughter bond than Tita does with her real mother.

The recipes are passed through the generations, which is in fact a crypt within a crypt. The rice was obviously scorched, the meat dried out, the dessert burnt. She is furious at her sister for following the absurd tradition and will do anything to stop her from following it.

The wedding ends with everyone crying over lost love and vomiting all over the floor. Esperanza then passes them to her daughter who puts them in the book. There are many things that can affect them which cause the body to suffer. These elements arouse the senses, which can trigger emotions.

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She fights like a man, among men, becoming a general who men have to listen to and obey.

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