The strengths and weaknesses of humans as portrayed in the fiction enders game

Though he doesn't make it to the enemy gate, he does take out quite a few of the enemy team before he's really taken out in the match. Your turn will come, and then you may severely punish others, yet remain blameless.

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Gender Flip : Card planned for Graff to be gender-flipped when he was trying to adapt Ender's Game himself; when Hood took over, he cast Harrison Ford instead. Stilson already lies defeated on the ground, yet Ender can kick him in the face until he dies, and still remain the good guy.

He was too small to see the controls, how the game was actually done. Third, even this point about the hive queen is an evasion. Bonzo's objections to Ender's free time training is that he's practicing with Petra. All the force of such passages is on the price paid by the destroyer, not on the price paid by the destroyed. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. I told him that he could take it out on me because I made him shave his head. The audioplay mostly uses "Formic", except in scenes where someone is really angry.

Adaptational Heroism : Bernard in the book was merely a bully to Ender, and only cooperated with him when they had the mutual friend Alai. Deep breaths. Most of the time, rather than helping Ender, adults deliberately increase his torment.

Mazer and Graff's motives are better explained in the novel, as well as why they feel the Formics are such a danger, having some basic understanding of their hive society. Petra contemplated trying to hurl the two of them out of the plane, but decided against it, as it would have been too easy for Achilles to simply let go and let her fall alone.

The strengths and weaknesses of humans as portrayed in the fiction enders game

He is prevented from killing Ender and Valentine only by the threat of being found out. Also, it is only at this point pages after the event that we learn Ender killed Stilson in the analogous fight that occurred when Ender was six years old. You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck?

When asked his own name, though, he admits "Bean" isn't exactly something to brag about.

Card's novels are full not only with complexly drawn alien cultures but vividly reconstructed versions of earth cultures, ranging from the Portuguese Catholicism and Nordic Calvinism he describes in Speaker for the Dead to the Mandarin Chinese culture in Xenocide, from the frontiersmen and Amerindian folklore that provides the basis for the Alvin Maker series to his representations of African, European, and MesoAmerican cultures in his recent novel, Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus. Yet even when it is clear that Ender has already won the fight, Ender persists in maiming Bonzo in order to insure there are no future attacks. Peter is a psychopath. The repressed rage gets displaced, then acted out. One of Card's greatest strengths as a writer is his profound empathy. A Card hero will do almost anything in order to hide his emotional torment. Gluttony of excess is the best known type of gluttony, but is hardly the only type. The question is never answered. Yet that is what I see, or yearn to see. Tron Lines : "Star" blocks have them, to make them more visible in the Battle Room.

It is the classic excuse of someone who commits a heinous act to say that his intentions were good, and to justify his questionable means by referring to his good ends. Card consistently treats Jane not as a tool or device but as a character as subtly drawn as any of the human figures in the book.

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