Uw madison continuing studies writing a resume

If you have a lot of experience relevant to the job you are applying for, do what you can to fit it in.

uw madison continuing studies writing a resume

Font size should be at least 11 and no larger than To make an appointment, call or submit your resume via email and hear from an instructor within 3 business days. Artist Statement In my work, I explore issues of identity and personal history.

My work strikes a balance between the traditional techniques of representational art and the possibilities offered by expressive mark-making and rich, nuanced color.

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For twenty years, Weaver worked with authors doing literary publicity and founded the Book Cover Award. Get feedback As with all writing, a resume will benefit from revision based on feedback from multiple audiences.

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You can also work with us on a first come first served basis via Skype or at one of our satellites. Congratulations, Sarah!

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More broadly, I am interested in the ways we make sense of our place in the world through mythology and storytelling, natural history and science. However, if you are applying for a teaching job, you want to include the number of students in each class you have taught in the past, because teaching three students is very different from teaching twenty students. See our advice on sections to include for more information on optional sections. Use keywords drawn from the job description One important strategy for attracting the interest of an employer is to try to include in your resume, whenever possible, some of the keywords from the job description you are applying for. Here are swashbuckling, daring, and undisciplined explorers and miners, a former prisoner at a World War II relocation camp, abused and displaced Native Americans, and even one very ancient tree, brought together across time and terrain to tell their tales. No matter what, do not try to jam too much onto a page by using smaller margins. To learn more about our various services, see this page. Therefore, ensure your formatting makes your resume easy to read, rather than trying to make it stand out by calling attention to the formatting. Standard margins are 1 inch all around.
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Resume Writing Tips