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It emerged in 19th century Europe under the influence of conservatism and Catholic social teaching.

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S-Mexico border wall and provoking trade wars with countries such as China. The ShesConservative campaign shatters stereotypes about what young women believe today and what a conservative looks like.

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Conservatives recognise the benefits which capitalism brings to society and its ability to generate mass wealth, so subsequently feel no need to restrict it. I am a conservative woman because I feel that it is my duty to bring awareness to the issues that handicap the betterment of our great nation. Classical Conservatism has 7 basic principles that are followed. As stated in the introduction, this is because conservatism is fundamentally a pragmatic ideology. Conservatives also respect tradition because it generates, for both society and the individual, a sense of identity. The liberal party claims the duty of the government is to alleviate social problems and to protect civil liberties and human rights. I choose to support issues backed by facts, rather than unjustified opinions based on emotions.

These major ideals influence the nation deeply because both political parties back one of these ideals. Introduction 1 2.

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I am a conservative woman because I respect the women who came before me: women like Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, and my mother who bring a newfound pride and empowerment to modern conservatism. In office, Disraeli was responsible for the Second Reform Act ofwhich for the first time extended the right to vote to the working class, and for the social reforms that improved housing and hygiene.

It is indeed undisputable that the foundational beliefs of Liberalism are diametrically opposed to those of Conservatism.

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The liberal stance is the only stance, which offers the foundation to move forward. I am a conservative woman because I weigh things logically. This perspective is antithetical to the purpose of free-market capitalism, which is meritocratic and individualistic; people are rewarded based on their efforts, and so they take absolute supremacy over society. The basic idea of paternalism is to have authority over people for their own good. Conservatism and the asymmetric effect on the earnings response coeffcients 9 2. Along with doing this, my project will make the attempt of discovering whether most Americans truly understand their political parties motives and follow them based on their own beliefs or not. Christian democracy is a political ideology that seeks to apply Christian principles to public policy. Liberal ideas have influenced conservatism, especially classical liberal ideas. Conservatism and classical liberalism often resemble each other in social and political ideas and ways of thinking. In the s the Warren Court were seen to follow a liberal agenda and be judicially active. Disraeli wrote against the background of growing industrialization, economic inequality and, in continental Europe at least, revolutionary upheaval. I am a conservative woman because I believe in the freedoms delegated to us by our Constitution. Roosevelt vs. But the economy of the 70s was not stable because of the Oil crisis and presidents did not seem to find a solution to get the economy work again.
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