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The Nigerian Nation-state in Gestation: Conquests, Treaties and Amalgamations, Chronologically, the conquest of Nigeria through military campaign was inaugurated by the annexation of Lagos in At stake now are the most fundamental questions which can be raised about a country, beginning with whether it will survive as a single viable entity.

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Pre-colonial history of Nigeria Different tribes and empires inhabited the territories that make up what is now known as Nigeria since ancient times. It was the creation of a British government, which had seized control of its areas shortly after the abolishment of the slave trade.

Nowadays, some sculptural heads made of terra-cotta and bronze have become known around the world.

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The chiefs of Akwa Akpa placed themselves under British protection in Respect for the priestly functions of the oni of Ife was a crucial factor in the evolution of Yoruban culture. Besides, the art of casting bronze, terracotta modeling also existed. However, when the Western Region parliament met to approve this change, Akintola supporters in the parliament started a riot in the chambers of the parliament. It will be very interesting to find out how the many Nigerians, who were forcibly settled in the New World , fared. Other northern states discuss similar action. In the 15th century the region brought under central control is a mere seventy-miles across people and places being harder to subdue in the tropical forest than on the savanna , though a century later Benin stretches from the Niger delta in the east to Lagos in the west. In a move towards greater autonomy to minority ethnic groups, the military divided the four regions into 12 states. This nation was formed on the basis of the Eastern Akan tribes. And there is an overall legislative council for the whole of Nigeria. They made life-sized terracotta sculptures which are among the earliest recognized figures in Sub-Saharan Africa. For the Ibo, slavery was said to have recommended itself as a relief from overpopulation and insufficient land Country Study Handbook. Trade and anti-slavery: The next British expedition to the Niger is almost equally disastrous in terms of loss of life.

The senior Ibo officer, Odumegwu Ojukwu, takes the drastic step in May of declaring the Eastern region an independent nation, calling it the republic of Biafra. Terracotta sculptures have also been recovered from Ile-Ife.

Its goal initially was not self determination, but rather increased participation in the governmental process on a regional level.

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