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Race Conditions Not from the book Any time there are two or more processes or threads operating concurrently, there is potential for a particularly difficult class of problems known as race conditions.

Kernel processes: They are operated in kernel mode. Bounded capacity- There is a certain pre-determined finite capacity in the queue. For symmetric communication, the receiver must also know the specific name of the sender from which it wishes to receive messages.

When the child inherits open files from its parent, including the pipe file sa channel of communication is established. Most communication in Mach, including all system calls and inter-process communication is done via messages sent to mailboxes, also known as ports. If bidirectional communications are needed, then a second pipe is required.

This always includes the content of the CPU general-purpose registers, the CPU process status word, stack and frame pointers etc.

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Is bidirectional communication half-duplex or full-duplex? It functions as an adoptive parent for all orphaned processes.

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Linux/Unix Process Management: ps, kill, top, df, free, nice Commands