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It appeared that two days earlier the Eritrean force commander and the border unit leadership had been re-called to Asmara, and a new force commander was deployed.

Despite the prevailing rhetoric, the EPLF did not encourage debate and discussion. This is a one-time opportunity. Some years later in reportedly several hundreds of mostly elderly Eritreans flocked to Axum in late November for pilgrimage. Lawlessness, including human trafficking, abounding.

I believe that in building democracy in Eritrea, our particular history and its legacy need to be taken into consideration.

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However, concerns around human rights violations persist. Recorded testimonies highlight the limited and ineffective legal systems that are in place.

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The vast conscript army, trapped in indefinite national service, has not been demobilised, despite the rapprochement with Ethiopia. The partial reopening of the border crossings between the two countries has brought an increase in trade and allowed families to be reunited for the first time in decades. It also had political side, mobilizing and organizing the people, etc. The essence of rule of law is grounded in basic human needs for certainty of rights, and protection against arbitrary power. This event inspired us to undertake more focused research on people-to-people reconciliation sentiments across the border, in the shadow of the hostile and frozen bilateral relations. In my view, there are two types of democracies: — One is what used to be called the Athenian democracy — or direct democracy — in which the Athenian people spoke in their city, directly taking care of their affairs. It is thus, conceptually opposed to the whims of capricious rulers. We will reflect upon how independence was won in , and how freedom was lost; how the recent wave of reconciliation throughout the Horn of Africa can be institutionalised and sovereignty guaranteed; what steps are required to rebuild a regionally integrated economy that can fuel growth and prosperity in the country. We encourage you to make the most of the opportunities you have to renew old acquaintances and cultivate new channels of communication and cooperation. Ali and Robert O. Deprived of the rights enshrined in the UN Charter, the Eritrean people are increasingly angry. For that to transpire, sustained cross-border social interaction between communities on both sides would need to be established.

Eritreans are crossing back and forth every day, for petty trade, to buy needed commodities, to visit friends and family, or to part-take in religious or social ceremonies. Little has changed in Eritrea since the declaration of peace last July to change any of this, which is why the outflow of refugees not only continues but accelerates.

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